Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New to Blogging

Well, welcome to my very first blog. I decided I better start one to keep everyone up to date with the family. It also gives me a way to express any joy, aggravation or just crazyness in my world.

Being the mother of three keeps me busy just keeping up with feeding them, keeping them clean and happy. I stay home with the two youngest mostly but this week my 10 1/2 year old son, Zachary, has the week off from school. OH BOY! Lets just say I wish he was in school. I love him dearly but lately he has been pushing every button he can with me and I am at my wits end. My 2 1/2 year old, Melody, is also getting very particular about things and only eats what she wants and only wears what she decides to wear..only when she is wearing clothing. My 7 month old, Kylie, has been getting very active; crawling, climbing and eating everything I offer. I just had to dig out the 12 - 18 month clothing for her because she is getting so big!!

I have been working at home with two direct sales companies and and trying to help out with some extra money coming in from them. Take the time and check them out. Greats gifts!! :) So far it is helping a bit. My sweet husband has been working two jobs for almost a year now and he is very, very tired when he gets home..I have dinner ready and he eats and either takes a shower right away or passes out on the couch. He usually puts the two older kids to bed at 9pm and lately that is a feat in itself. Melody is enjoying the new set up in her bedroom but is not using it as she should. Instead of going to bed right away like she always has..she has been climbing, jumping and just going nuts at bedtime. UGH! The joys of young children who are stuck in the house because of the cold weather outside.

Oh well...I have to go and get the living room picked up yet again and feed Kylie.

Thanks for reading my first post and let me know what you think!


Nan said...

Yay! Welcome to the blogging world! It's addictive... worse than message boards! LOL!

mo*reezy said...

cute stuff, g! I can't wait till you REALLY get going! can't wait to see some more pics of the kiddos too. i miss my nephew and nieces!