Friday, April 27, 2007

"That's COOL!"

My silly little girl keeps saying this to everyone and everything lately. Everything is just sooo cool!! It sounds so cute coming out of her little two year old mouth. She and I have been busy playing outside, blowing bubbles, reading and cuddling and telling stories..oh and singing songs! When she was little I used to sing to her all the time..then when she was getting older she didn't want me to sing to her..which just broke my heart..but now she asks me to sing to her! I love it! My little princess is just the cutest little thing. (If I do say so myself!) She goes through the whole family and says what their role is..King, Queen, Prince and the two Princesses. We are a royal family after all. She is growing up just so quickly it is hard to believe. She is tall for her age so people are always asking me if she is 4!?
Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I picked out some snacks for her..when we got home she wanted atleast one of every thing she and I picked out. She then said.. "It makes my tummy feel good" LOL I can't help but laugh and smile and the little Melodyisms that come out of her mouth. She also says, "It makes my mouth feel good too!" So eating is a good thing for her mouth and tummy. I just wish she would start eating more veggies and fruits! She is a carb lover. Bread, chicken nuggets, toast, some yogurt, juice, milk on occasion....I have been pushing this! That is about all that she likes to eat. I offer every single thing we eat and she never wants anything. I hope she grows out of this soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ohhh Yummy!

So the other day I made something new. I joined Tastefully Simple as a consultant and have fallen in love with tons of the products! So I made the "Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix" and then took two pounds of strawberries, washed, cleaned and sliced. I put them in a bowl and added some sugar. Stir and chill. About 30 minutes later, once the cake is made and cooled. Slice a nice piece of cake and put on a plate and cover with strawberries and enjoy! Boy was it good! I had two servings! Why not order some of your own and try it for yourselves!? :)


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Egg Hunting

As always the egg hunt was a blast for all the kids. (Thanks Amy and Anna!) I tried to take as many pictures as I could but it was a bit difficult considering I was holding Kylie, holding a bag to collect the eggs in and the camera! I did get a few cute ones though. It was a chilly day here in New England...and not much warmer quite yet...even though Spring is would never know it! It was a wonderful day with friends, family and loved ones. Don't ever forget to enjoy your life with the ones you love.

(Sorry Anna, I know this isn't the best photo of you.)

Easter Morning

Easter morning the kids were up bright and early. Melody thought it was the greatest thing in the world to get up and have a tub of candy and toys waiting for her. She loved her Stuff-n-Snuggle kitty too! She loved checking out Daddy's and Zachary's candy and toys as well..even Kylie's teether toy that is a bunny. :) Zachary loved it too and I had to help them both stuff their animals before Church and get them both dressed. Melody sleeps with her kitty and her elephant. Zachary now has a turtle and a rottweiler dog. Melody even put her kitty in the baby's exersaucer to!! (More photos to come of the egg hunt!)


So Saturday night I decided to make some Easter cards by hand. It was great fun and pretty easy just using a few small pieces of paper and such...but they all came out great! Everyone loved them and I can't wait to make more cards of my own. For those of you who read my blog..go out today and do something crafty just for fun. ENJOY!

Beer anyone?

My 8 month old has a fasination with beer bottles. She tries her hardest to take away Daddy's beer and play with the bottle. He lets her look but boy does she get close to trying to drink it too! (She has never had any..just close enough for me to get some great photos!) She wanted nothing of me when Daddy had this beer in his hand...she just wanted that bottle! What is funny is that she doesn't drink from a bottle..she uses cups already. :) What a big girl!

Monday, April 2, 2007


Well I am one to write a list for practically anything at all. Last night..well early this morning I was just getting ready for bed and suddenly my mind was crazy with things I needed to get done!!! I started a list and this is what I ended up with at 1:30 this morning:

  1. Hang Easter eggs (plastic) with Melody
  2. clean the bathroom top to bottom
  3. sew up my insulin pouch
  4. vacuum the entire apartment
  5. clean junk out of linen closet
  6. put away laundry
  7. wash the 10 loads of laundry that are piled up
  8. clean off my dresser and nightstand and bookshelf next to bed
  9. put away girls outgrown clothing and organize by size
  10. wash the curtains in the entire apartment
  11. go through the two huge boxes of small toys that were given to us and toss or give away what we won't use
  12. clean the carpets
  13. make cookies
  14. make lemon bars
  15. do the dishes
  16. clean off my desk

I must be nuts. I really start to over think things I really started getting going bright and early this morning. Before I went to bed I went out in the hallway and cleaned out the drawers we have out there full of my old hair accessories. I tossed old hair clips and banana clips (remember those??) and even threw away old toothpaste that was opened..the little samples ones from the dentist. (I wasn't sure how long they had been there!) If you haven't noticed yet, I am a collector...or EVERYTHING! I hang onto things and try to find a new way to use them just so I don't have to toss them. Eventually I do toss those things plus..but it takes time. Hopefully by this afternoon I can cross off at least a few of the items on my list. Wish me luck!