Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My little reader

Kylie loves to look at books, to pull them off of the shelf and just pull apart pages. Seeing that she is just going to be 11 months old tomorrow...I would say that is pretty amazing. She is just such a smart little cookie. She is walking, talking and climbing like no other little child I have ever seen!! Look out little monkey is going to take you all on!

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Brother and sister...

So today after school Kylie woke up from her nap right before Zachary got home. She got down from the couch and played on the floor then walked right over to Zachary. He loves to hug his little sister. They cuddle all the time. Can't you see the love? They love to play too...Kylie flying and laughing hysterically...always a great time. It is always a grand time to see a big brother and a little sister being so happy together! EVERYONE SMILE!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nap Time

This is my favorite time of day. I love my girls so very much but nap time is just a blissful time of day for me. It is the only time of day I am alone! I get some things done for me and also things around the apartment. I wish I did more things just for me. These photos were just taken today..just moments ago. Aren't they just the cutest little girls in the world! They are resting up for visiting with all of the family heading here right now. I think some are on the plane at this very moment!

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Today starts the arrival of many, many family members for a Wedding this weekend. Peter's sister M and son H and his sister K are all arriving today by plane. Their husbands arrive on Friday. It will be great for Melody to be able to play with her cousin H. He is just 2 months older than she they are perfect playmates. It is going to be party central at my in-laws house this week. With five extra people staying there and the major activities relating to getting ready for the wedding...people are sure going to be busy!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My little Chef

Lastnight Melody and I made pizza with Bountiful Beer Bread as the crust. We picked fresh herbs from our garden and used tomatos, peppers and onions and of course plenty of cheese. Melody wanted hers with no sauce but only cheese...which she ate plenty I am happy about that. She has been not eating much of anything for a long time now and it has had me worried! Zachary, Peter and I all had everything on ours. Kylie even ate a little bit too! Boy was it yummy! We made personal pizzas for the kids and Peter and I shared a large one. Isn't she cute in her apron? She had a great if you can't see that on her face! Next we will be making butterfly shaped sugar cookies! YUM!


While shopping at the mall awhile back we found these really cool cupcake carriers in the Williams-Sonoma Store! For a set of three it is only $10.50. My husband has always said..don't bother making cupcakes for me to bring to work because they get all smushed. Well now they make it there perfectly and in one piece. They can even be turned upside down and the cupcake or muffin stay in place! YAY! Finially! You can find them online at Williams-Sonoma.
They come in clear or blue. Aren't they cute!? I made normal sized cupcakes the other day and they fit with plenty of room for even the jumbo size cupcakes and frosting..or a large muffin!
So if you happen to know someone who likes muffins or cupcakes but has a hard time taking them out and about with them...this makes a great gift too!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Oh how sweet....

So my little one has been fighting a stuffy, runny nose lately. She is teething right now...two teeth at once and I think that is the main she has been hardly nursing anymore because she can't breathe through her nose. Well today after she tried to nurse a few times with not much happening..because I had to keep stopping to wipe her nose...I decided to put her in the high chair with a snack. Some Nilla Wafers. Well she ate and ate and ate..and finially crashed. Notice ..the cookies are still in her hands!

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

On Saturday I will be a vendor at the Kids Festival on the East End Green...if you know me you know where I mean! Take a trip down to visit. I will be selling Stuff-n-Snuggle and Tastefully Simple products and hopefully scheduling some parties! I know you all want to have one! You can do a book party or an actual party where I come to your house! Why not? It is food and kids stuff after all...who doesn't love that? For those of you who have ordered I want to thank you all for your support. The money I earn with these ventures is going to help me pay for any extra homeschooling supplies I may need and any extra field trips..which with three kids can be very expensive! Thank you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Magic Wings

Sunday we went on a little trip to Magic Wings in MA. Boy was it fun! The weather was kind of icky....rainy and colder than it has been..but overall we had a great time. We have now seen a billion butterflies in one day! The kids loved it as did Peter and I. Melody got her face painted and picked out a pretty yellow butterfly..then she rubbed it in like any 2 year old would do. OH well, it happens! We looked at birds, butterflies, lizards, fish and bugs. Yes they have bugs there too! The gift shop has some great stuff to even have your own catipillar grow into a butterfly for you to keep as a pet or to release..which you can also bring back there to release! We will be having some butterflies of our own soon enough...but not quite yet. Maybe in another month once school is out and we can concentrate on how they are doing. Enjoy the pictures below!

By the way...Monday was Zachary's 11th Birthday. This is why we went on the trip to Magic Wings on Sunday as a family. He loves nature and it was the best place to go for such a smart kid.

My header is also a photo from our trip to Magic Wings. I just LOVE butterflies!