Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We went out tonight around 5:30pm or so...we never leave on time...and headed out to visit a few neighbors then drive off to visit all the relatives around town. Here are the kids getting ready to go. Melody is a ladybug, Kylie is a unicorn/pegasus and Zachary is Davey Crockett. I am taking it easy..laying on the floor and eating my waffle. :)
Trying to keep the crumbs off the costume. Waffles in hand. No syrup..just plain and warmed in the toaster oven. Yeah, yeah I know..great dinner..but that is all they wanted at the time and I wasn't about to start a fight over it.
Side view of Zachary and his coonskin hat.
A few photos of the kids out front..our apt. is the one on the right...but Kylie wouldn't sit

Melody with her bucket that she designed with a ghost and bats and crystals. She loves this bucket now!
That is Kylie...cute little unicorn!
Here I come!
Say Cheese!!
Eating cookies.
Hiding from the camera.
Melody checking out what Grandma and Grandpa gave her.
Kylie sitting with Grandma.

Kylie looking at Grandpa so he can take a picture too..but Mommy got one as well. Not the best one I know..but atleast I got one!
Here I come!
Davey...Davey Crockett..King of the Wild Fronteer
Beautiful Ladybug
Picking treats at Gram Gram's house. Melody then ate her very first Raisinets and liked them!
We got home around 8pm and the kids were ready to dig into their candy and snacks and were all in bed by 9:15pm. I will hopefully get to bed soon. Just finishing up the dishes and heading up to bed.
Kylie goes to the Dr. tomorrow for her 15 month check up and she will be getting shots. I think they are harder on me than her...but I really am not excited about it. I just can't wait to see how big she has gotten. She is now wearing size 24 months/2T clothing! Depending on the item..sometimes only 18 months for the pants...she has a tiny little waist. to bed. Goodnight!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

August Rush

OH man....Peter and I just saw a movie ad on TV and it looks great! The movie is August Rush go and check it out for yourself..but if you love music like us it seems like you will love this movie! It comes out November if you are bored over the long Thanksgiving weekend head out and check it out!

MRI rescheduled I am finially scheduled for Friday at 10am. Then I will have to probably wait till the following Wednesday to know the results. I hate waiting!

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

It is on TV tonight! Don't miss it! If you love any and all Charlie Brown or Snoopy television movies please don't miss it! This is a portion of the show: HERE. Oh I love this time of year. All the TV specials are mostly the oldies but goodies. I think I enjoy them more than my kids do! Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about to crash upon on the lookout for a gazillion photos on my blog!

Monday, October 29, 2007

MRI Update

I got a call an hour or so ago to let me know that they needed to reschedule my scan. I am hoping to go on Friday but I need to check with my sitter first to see if that works for her as well. Please keep me in your thoughts on Friday!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Go watch this video NOW

This is a must! Every single person must watch this!

I can't get it to link directly with the video here but click that link and you will be shocked and amazed. For those of you I emailed it to...please share it with your friends! It really is a fabulous thing to see.

October 14, 2007 - Part 2

So sorry it took me so long but every single time I tried to upload photos it would not work!!! I was not a happy camper to say the least! I had all of the following photos to post for you to enjoy and it wouldn't let me...oh was I MAD! Anyway..onto better thing....

Maresi and Timon's lovely!!
What a big boy he is....11 already!!!
Running away...
...still running.
Smiles :)

Beautiful trees and flowers...

Look at my new hat! I like the pom poms! (By the way...she needed a new coat and we got one the next day...just hadn't had time prior so she was wearing a vest that was purchased for Zachary!! She still looked cute!
I love the shining sun through the fall trees..full of color!
Peter blowing the leaves into a huge pile for the kids to play in...and cleaning up the whole yard.
Peek a can't find me!

OH..isn't this leaf pretty?
Hi Peter!
WEEEEEE....what fun!
Oh how cute..Daddy and baby.
I love the leaves! Watch me throw them up into the air.

Kylie just being cute buried in leaves.

Melody and Zachary playing.

Oh more of them...

Daddy is funny.

Why don't we bury Daddy too!?

First time down the slide into the huge pile of leaves.

Where did she go?