Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I hope it is a great day for you! Enjoy it!
Hugs from your family here in Connecticut!

(Sorry I had to borrow this photo...I lost all of my photos that I had saved on my external hard drive.)

Zachary on Thanksgiving

Reading..what else. This kid loves, loves, loves to read! Thinking of what to get him for the cards for Borders or a store like it would be perfect!

The only photo I am in from the whole have to start having other people take the pictures for me!
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Grandpa on Thanksgiving

Receiving early Christmas presents. Christmas with Santa conducting and one with a choir on it. Very musical. :)

Reading to Kylie. She loves turning the pages!

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Thanksgiving Dinner

We had it all. Turkey, stuffing, fresh baked rolls, broccoli, corn, potatoes and gravy. For dessert we had apple/pear pie and pumpkin pie. Melody enjoyed her roll. Kylie ate a bit of this and that and the rest of use enjoyed everything!

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Thanksgiving Parade

Care Bears.....what little girl doesn't love them?!

Wow..look...they are ice skating.

Big hugs for Oopsy bear.

Wow..look at them.

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Melody on Thanksgiving

Big smiles!

What Mom?

Riding the "elephant"...

Huge smiles from having so much fun on the "elephant". :)

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Kylie on Thanksgiving

As Dr. Kylie...

Just being cute

Kisses and hugs for Ernie and Daddy!

Apple Pear Pies

Every year around the holidays I make my Apple Pear Pies. Instead of just apple pie I add pears to give it an extra yummy flavor along with that yummy crumb topping. :)

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Computer problems

Well...I have a billion photos to post but at the moment..well over the past few days..our computer has decided it doesn't want to stay open. Well not the computer itself..but the internet explorer. Which is really annoying. I can't close a single open page of internet explorer with it not restarting itself and then I have to go back in and try again. I am trying this now..I have tried six times already tonight to post photos but it just doesn't want to let me.

If you or anyone you know happens to know something about Windows Vista and Internet explorer problems..please send them my way!! Thanks!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day We bow our hearts to You and pray. We give You thanks for all You've done Especially for the gift of Jesus, Your Son. For beauty in nature, Your glory we see For joy and health, friends and family, For daily provision, Your mercy and care These are the blessings You graciously share. So today we offer this response of praise With a promise to follow You all of our days.
--Mary Fairchild
God Bless Us All

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First snow of the season continued....

Come to find out we still don't have winter boots for Kylie or I took a small bowl and went outside and scooped up some snow. They had a blast playing with it in the kitchen until it was all a puddle in the bowl and on the floor. Melody even wanted to keep her winter had on because the snow was so How cute is that?

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First snow of the season

We had our first snow of the season on November 20, 2007. It was only a few inches but it was lovely..atleast while it was there. It melted by the next day. That is New England for you. These photos are the back and front of our apartment..what we saw out of our windows.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Pioneer Woman Calendar

Those of you who know me know that I can't make it through the day without reading:

She lives on a ranch with a billion cows and wild mustangs and horses to use for ranching and four kids of her own and her own man who wakes her up before 5am to get the kids up to help with rounding up the cows. Fun stuff right? Well take a look at her blog and her photos! They are to die for! I just wish I could afford to buy the prints that she sells of them myself. But now I can atleast enjoy several of them for only $15!! got it right..only $15 for a lovely 13 month calendar of some of her famous photos. The $15 also includes shipping!! It runs January 2008 through January 2009. I ordered one for myself already but I know I can use more than They also make great gifts and you can even have Ree..the Pioneer Woman herself sign them or write a note to whoever you are giving it to as a gift!! Below are the front cover and back cover..but the photos inside are just as or even more beautiful! I am jealous of her fabulous ranch. The wide open spaces and the many, many things to take photos of to share with all of us.
Just go to her blog and you can pay through paypal or email her for other forms of payment at

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kylie and her yogurt....

The pictures say it :)