Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

So four years ago today I was getting ready for my wedding. It was beautiful...didn't even rain till the reception was almost over! :) We were both nervous...and Peter hardly smiled because of this..but in the end he smiled in many of the photos just so I can enjoy them for the rest of our lives. You see..he likes to smirk..and say it is a smile. I need to see teeth to see a smile. So being the great man he is he smiled and showed his teeth in many of the photos for our album. The day went by so quickly I am so glad we have so many photos to remember the day with..because I really don't remember much of it. It just was like a blink of an eye and it was just doesn't seem real! So we are still alive and in love and have two beautiful daughters together since that beautiful day. Zachary was adopted by Peter in August 2004. So we are just one big happy family.
Visit YouTube and listen to one of my favorite songs from that day:
Below are a few of the photos from that blissful day.

I love you hunny!


Queen Of My Domain said...

Happy Anniversary to you both and many more years of happiness. Your pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing them.


mo*reezy said...

HAPPY DAY! Here's to many more anniversaries.
Can't wait to see you all!

Anonymous said...

Glad you put on the wedding photos. Wow how Zachary has grown up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!