Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Magic Wings

Sunday we went on a little trip to Magic Wings in MA. Boy was it fun! The weather was kind of icky....rainy and colder than it has been..but overall we had a great time. We have now seen a billion butterflies in one day! The kids loved it as did Peter and I. Melody got her face painted and picked out a pretty yellow butterfly..then she rubbed it in like any 2 year old would do. OH well, it happens! We looked at birds, butterflies, lizards, fish and bugs. Yes they have bugs there too! The gift shop has some great stuff to even have your own catipillar grow into a butterfly for you to keep as a pet or to release..which you can also bring back there to release! We will be having some butterflies of our own soon enough...but not quite yet. Maybe in another month once school is out and we can concentrate on how they are doing. Enjoy the pictures below!

By the way...Monday was Zachary's 11th Birthday. This is why we went on the trip to Magic Wings on Sunday as a family. He loves nature and it was the best place to go for such a smart kid.

My header is also a photo from our trip to Magic Wings. I just LOVE butterflies!


mo*reezy said...

those are great pics, and it looks like a lovely time! I've never even heard of that place. hmmm, next time we're there for more than a couple of days we'll have to check it out!