Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 14, 2007 - Part 2

So sorry it took me so long but every single time I tried to upload photos it would not work!!! I was not a happy camper to say the least! I had all of the following photos to post for you to enjoy and it wouldn't let me...oh was I MAD! Anyway..onto better thing....

Maresi and Timon's lovely!!
What a big boy he is....11 already!!!
Running away...
...still running.
Smiles :)

Beautiful trees and flowers...

Look at my new hat! I like the pom poms! (By the way...she needed a new coat and we got one the next day...just hadn't had time prior so she was wearing a vest that was purchased for Zachary!! She still looked cute!
I love the shining sun through the fall trees..full of color!
Peter blowing the leaves into a huge pile for the kids to play in...and cleaning up the whole yard.
Peek a can't find me!

OH..isn't this leaf pretty?
Hi Peter!
WEEEEEE....what fun!
Oh how cute..Daddy and baby.
I love the leaves! Watch me throw them up into the air.

Kylie just being cute buried in leaves.

Melody and Zachary playing.

Oh more of them...

Daddy is funny.

Why don't we bury Daddy too!?

First time down the slide into the huge pile of leaves.

Where did she go?


Anonymous said...

Great photos!!!! Thanks for posting them. plm

A said...

Cute pictures of the kids, Greta! Hope your Halloween with them was lots of fun.