Monday, April 2, 2007


Well I am one to write a list for practically anything at all. Last night..well early this morning I was just getting ready for bed and suddenly my mind was crazy with things I needed to get done!!! I started a list and this is what I ended up with at 1:30 this morning:

  1. Hang Easter eggs (plastic) with Melody
  2. clean the bathroom top to bottom
  3. sew up my insulin pouch
  4. vacuum the entire apartment
  5. clean junk out of linen closet
  6. put away laundry
  7. wash the 10 loads of laundry that are piled up
  8. clean off my dresser and nightstand and bookshelf next to bed
  9. put away girls outgrown clothing and organize by size
  10. wash the curtains in the entire apartment
  11. go through the two huge boxes of small toys that were given to us and toss or give away what we won't use
  12. clean the carpets
  13. make cookies
  14. make lemon bars
  15. do the dishes
  16. clean off my desk

I must be nuts. I really start to over think things I really started getting going bright and early this morning. Before I went to bed I went out in the hallway and cleaned out the drawers we have out there full of my old hair accessories. I tossed old hair clips and banana clips (remember those??) and even threw away old toothpaste that was opened..the little samples ones from the dentist. (I wasn't sure how long they had been there!) If you haven't noticed yet, I am a collector...or EVERYTHING! I hang onto things and try to find a new way to use them just so I don't have to toss them. Eventually I do toss those things plus..but it takes time. Hopefully by this afternoon I can cross off at least a few of the items on my list. Wish me luck!