Friday, April 27, 2007

"That's COOL!"

My silly little girl keeps saying this to everyone and everything lately. Everything is just sooo cool!! It sounds so cute coming out of her little two year old mouth. She and I have been busy playing outside, blowing bubbles, reading and cuddling and telling stories..oh and singing songs! When she was little I used to sing to her all the time..then when she was getting older she didn't want me to sing to her..which just broke my heart..but now she asks me to sing to her! I love it! My little princess is just the cutest little thing. (If I do say so myself!) She goes through the whole family and says what their role is..King, Queen, Prince and the two Princesses. We are a royal family after all. She is growing up just so quickly it is hard to believe. She is tall for her age so people are always asking me if she is 4!?
Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I picked out some snacks for her..when we got home she wanted atleast one of every thing she and I picked out. She then said.. "It makes my tummy feel good" LOL I can't help but laugh and smile and the little Melodyisms that come out of her mouth. She also says, "It makes my mouth feel good too!" So eating is a good thing for her mouth and tummy. I just wish she would start eating more veggies and fruits! She is a carb lover. Bread, chicken nuggets, toast, some yogurt, juice, milk on occasion....I have been pushing this! That is about all that she likes to eat. I offer every single thing we eat and she never wants anything. I hope she grows out of this soon!


Anonymous said...

Melody looks like she is having lots of fun outside! In this photo she looks older than "getting close to 3" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!