Monday, February 25, 2008

Give that Photo a Name Contest - TIMES UP!-

Well since I only got three entrants it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...congratulations mo* won! I will send off your prize as soon as I can. Happy Scrapping! I am copying Ree but is a fun way to get to see what you are all thinking out there in the world! I think this photo needs a name.

Kylie was having a blast "eating" her yogurt. So what do you think is going through her head? What in the world could this photo be named? I am looking for a short title..not a long description. For your hard work one winner will be chosen from the lot tomorrow at 6pm. I am giving more than 24 hours for this because I want you all to go and tell your friends about this and have them get in on it too. The prize isn't huge but it is sure a great item for the scrapbooker out there!
1 Mom - Hot Fudge Kit from TLC..which includes two sheets of celery cardstock, 1 sheet or pixie stix paper and 1 sheet of grape freeze floral 12x12 paper and finally one sheet full of die cuts to mix and match!
Also included will be some Sprinkles from TLC called - Pixie Mix.
And finally a double sheet of pastel block alphabet stickers called Letterz from TLC.
If any of you are interested in looking at more of the product line for TLC go to
Please leave any questions you may have in the comment section as well.
Have fun and be creative!


Anonymous said...

This photo of Kylie and her yogurt should be titled LOVE

submitted by Grandma Patty

mo*reezy said...

"Mom, Kylie's levitating her yogurt cup again!"

nancypants said...


But I can't be entered for the drawing because I'm not a scrapbooker! I'd hate to take away from someone who would actually use this sweet gift! :^D