Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well apparently I am using all of my storage space for my photos. I was going to upload a ton of photos tonight but I can't! My picasa web albums is linked to my blogger page and because I have over 10,000 photos saved in there I can't upload anymore here until I pay to expand my photo storage. UGH! It seems that everyone needs our money RIGHT NOW! I can't wait till we can file our taxes and pay off a bunch of bills and pay down some of our debt. Life will be so much easier once that happens. Living paycheck to paycheck really stinks.

I do know that Peter is getting more overtime starting this week so hopefully that will keep up for a bit and we can play catch up on things. Wish us luck with that!

Love you all...keep checking in. I will still try to update when I can but won't be able to post anymore photos until I upgrade. Sorry!

On a side note: Kylie now says her own name and it is just the most adorable sound you can ever hear. I was trying to record her tonight with my digital camera but she wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe tomorrow.


Heather said...

you might want to look into getting another drive for your computer so you can store your pictures. That's what we do and it was a life saver!! That would be $ well spent (when you have it)