Friday, March 30, 2007

Melody's cuteness

So this morning I got out of the shower and got dressed and I was about to go and dry my hair..when both girls woke up. Lucky me! So I got Melody and brought her into my room to keep an eye on Kylie while I went to dry my hair. They entertain one another pretty easily. So I have the baby monitor in the bathroom with me and right as I finished drying my hair I hear:

Melody: "OK Kylie, you count to 10 and I will hide.
OK...ready you count now and I am going to hide, Kylie.
One, two, three....Peek A Boo!!"
(Hysterical laughing by both girls)

It was just soooo cute to hear Melody being such a BIG girl. She absolutely loves her little sister..can you tell?

Yesterday Melody was up early with me and Kylie was still sleeping. When we hear Kylie wake up Melody runs over to the bottom of the stairs and says:

"Mommy, you stay right here. (With her finger pointed and looking at me) I will be right back!! I am going to get Kylie..she is awake. You stay right here. OK!?"

Then she proceeded up the stairs to my bedroom to see her sister. I followed and laughed all the way there.


Anonymous said...

Great stories about the girls! Melody is a terrific big sister to Kylie and little sister to Zachary! It's fun to hear the children when they don't think you can hear them!