Wednesday, August 29, 2007


These are some photos of Zachary working on his history and grammar. Notice the blanket (cloak) he is wearing. He sits at the kitchen table with the ceiling fan above him and says he gets cold. Maybe he should get dressed for the day before he starts his school work and not just sit there in his pajama pants! :)

The past week and a half of homeschooling has been ok. Zachary has some subjects he likes better than others and he takes much longer to get those done but he has acomplished a ton of work so far. His grade average so far is 90. Great job for the first week of school! So far in the past 8 days he has done work in: Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Science, Math, Comprehensive Curriculum (a book with everything in it), History, Geography and Grammar. He doesn't like to write sentences or stories ...he would rather just say it quickly outloud..but hopefully over the next year we can get him into writing beautiful stories so I can share them with all of you. He does most of his work in the mornings when the girls are asleep and at nap time. He does work when they are up..but it is rather hard to concentrate when they both want to sit on his lap or need his help with something. This is a constant...they love their big brother!!! I am off to help Zachary with some Science work. Another busy day ahead of us. :)


mo*reezy said...

He looks like he's enjoying this school year so far! Go Zachary!