Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Playing catch up...

Well I am so far behind on keeping my blog updated and I am sorry for that. I really, truly mean to post silly little things that Melody says or Zachary does or Kylie just smiling and being silly..but I always get side tracked with the kids being monkeys!! Those of you who know us and have seen where we live know that our apartment is rather small for a family of FIVE!!! So with all the girls toys throughout the living room and the kitchen getting stuffed with Homeschooling stuff and Tastefully Simple samples and products...I am running out of room in here! Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I try to organize..I really do...I usually get started or plan on it and never get very far.
I have started planning our school year and printed up some sheets to start to write up a schedule of the day for Zachary and the girls...kind of for the girls..they are still little after all...but I have to work around them too!! I decided that we will be starting school on August 20th, 2007!! If we only take two days off and the weekend for Thanksgiving and then the week of Christmas and go straight through..we will be done by May 7th! That is if we don't do stuff on the weekend relating to school as we can be done even sooner...say mid April! Can you believe it!!?? Why on earth do they need sooo many days off in public school. I liked it as a kid but also hated it because we always had to play catch up when we started back.
So here I am ...1:14am and writing this blog entry. I was about to go to sleep and looked up and there it least favorite little creature. A SPIDER!! I just about wanted to die. I can't go to sleep with a spider over my head! I just can't!! You can't make me!! So me..being petrified of spiders..I did what most married women do..I woke up my husband. So he got up eventually...he loves his sleep..and stood up on the bed and squashed the little bugger..literally. Now once I go back upstairs I can sleep like a baby knowing my MAN saved me! He saved me from being afraid to sleep, from having nightmares and just becoming a very crabby woman because of the lack of sleep. The reason I am down here now is because my bloodsugar was low..I figured I would take the chance to write to you all quickly and then drink my strawberry milk and head up to brush my teeth again and get into bed. Seven a.m. will be here before I know it!!

We are headed to the playground tomorrow so hopefully I can post photos of that when I get home. Ta Ta for now!