Monday, August 13, 2007

Laundry...and bathroom wall...

Well..when my in-laws go away we are lucky enough to be able to do our laundry at their house. We did a lot of laundry..hung out the towels to dry on the drying rack and now have a ton of laundry to put away. Lucky me! But least we didn't have to pay $2.75 a load to wash everything!! That surely adds up with a family of 5! We normally do about 6 - 9 loads of laundry a week on average. But as many of you just never get it all done and already there is dirty laundry in the basket already. Boy I wish there was a laundry fairy out there to take that dirty laundry while we are sleeping and return it all clean when we wake up. Hmmmm...what an idea.

On another note..I am soooo tired this morning. I was up until 4am!! Both girls didn't want to sleep last night. But I surely did and never really got the chance. I fell asleep at 4am..woke up at 5ish when Peter got up and went back to sleep till about 10am. Still not enough sleep if you ask me. I did wake up a few times in there too. Then I got up and took my shower since Melody was downstairs with Zachary and Kylie was and still is sleeping. Then the maintenance guy showed up to see about fixing the wall above the shower wall in our bathroom. You is falling apart because we are spraying water on it every time we get in the being only 5' 4" and then my husband being 6' 4" there gets to be a ton of water up the wall is falling apart and looking pretty nasty. The guy looked at it and was like..hmmm..I guess I should put some waterproof stuff up there..I forget what he called it but we only have drywall there stupid is that? He has never worked with that either so he has to find out how to put it up properly and that should be interesting...he doesn't seem to have all his screws tightened up in his head. So lets hope that when he does finally come back to fix it...that he does it properly. I really don't want the wall falling down on me or the kids while we are in the shower or tub. I can only guess he won't be back for a while though...probably at least a week..he likes to take his time to get anything done around great that we pay for things to be fixed and such around here and nothing gets done...just wish they would stop raising the rent!! Ok..sorry there is my venting for today. Have a good one!