Thursday, November 1, 2007


This year I signed my children up for the UNICEF Trick or Treat program. We got the little boxes and went around asking for donations. Well my three little children were lucky enough to collect a total of $18.86! What great family members we have! Thanks for your support!

This is what our small donation can buy for sick and hungry children around the world:

  • 6 cents provides water for a thirsty kid
  • $1 can immunize a child against measles for life
  • $2 provides nutrition to three hungry kids
  • $3 can provide a child with a pencil, paper pad and a pen to use in the classroom
  • $12 can buy 20 packets of high-protein biscuits to feed malnourished children
  • $17 can immunize one child for life against the six leading child-killing diseases: measles, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and tuberculosis
  • $24 can provide 4 long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets, protecting children from Malaria
  • $52 can provide 2 micro-filters which can supply safe drinking water to large families or schools
  • $75 can buy 208 sachets of PlumpyNut, a ready-to-eat therapeutic spread to nourish children with severe acute malnutrition
  • $100 can vaccinate 200 children against polio
  • $150 can provide 2,500 packets of Oral Rehydration Salts to help save the lives of children suffering from diarrheal dehydration due to drinking contaminated water
  • $176 buys school supplies for 80 kids
  • $200 can buy a large vaccine cold box to keep them safe during transport
  • $318 can provide a hot air sterilizer for sterilizing medical instruments
  • $450 can supply warm blankets for 150 children in an emergency
  • $581 can provide a Supplementary Dry Feeding kit that contains enough equipment to feed 500 moderately malnourished children
  • $700 can provide 64 families with Basic Family Water kits for use during emergencies
  • $750 can buy a sturdy tent for emergency shelter for a family
  • $880 can supply five “School-in-a-Box” kits to help resume education for children affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts. Each kit contains enough educational materials for a teacher and up to 80 children.