Thursday, November 8, 2007

Final MRI Update

I got a call from the Dr. yesterday saying, "Well it isn't what I thought it was..but you do have water on the knee and possible tendinitis." I was like...oh ok...."so what can I do about water on the knee?" He said, "I will prescribe some anti inflammatory medication and we will see how it feels in two weeks." So I am off on some meds for two weeks.. Joy Joy! Lets just hope it feels better soon. It is killing me!

It could just be because I am a total klutz. I fall on my knees all the time. Just walking can be a problem..let alone when I am carrying something. Don't ask me to move breakables or they may not make it!! I just seem to find a way almost every chance I can get to fall. Not on purpose..just out of klutziness. I should have grown up to be a clown...I would make more money at that.

ON another note..if you are looking to shop for the holidays at either KMart, Borders or Kohl's please use the links at the left. I will earn some credit that way and be able to buy my kids some stuff for the holidays as well.
Thanks for your support!


A said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope the anti-inflammatory takes care of it!