Friday, December 21, 2007

Melodyisms that Melody is such a grown up girl using the potty she has come out with some great lines!

Yesterday after going poop she stood up after wiping..with help...and bent over to look at it and said this, "Wow, look at that big log!" When she has to go she runs to her little potty that we keep in the living room and yells, "I have to go pee pee or poopie!" And look out if you are in her way! When she does go pee she smirks and says, "I went tinkle, tinkle." Although lastnight when she went just a tiny little bit she looked up and said, "I went tinkle!" To which I asked, "You didn't go tinkle, tinkle?" Her response was, "No, just one tinkle!"

While I have been baking lately she comes out and helps me in the kitchen and then takes the kitchen stool and goes to her easel or into the living room and becomes a chef. She makes pudding and cake usually. All pretend but boy is it fun to listen to her at work! "I need to make pudding..chocolate..yes chocolate and I need milk and I need butter and flour and I have to mix it up over and over again!"

"Mommy, can I do a proszac? (project..but it never comes out quite right..that is the best spelling I can do to even come close to how she says it) She has become the crafty queen lately! Today we will be working on Christmas trees!

That is it for today..we are off to work on the projects before Kylie wakes up from her nap.


Heather said...

you just never know what they are going to say!!