Thursday, December 6, 2007

What a day....

Yesterday I was going to post about how we put up or Christmas tree this past Sunday but then my day went a bit crazy.

First off I woke up and I always put my slippers on before I leave the room..and as I was putting them on I looked down at the bed and saw what looked like just a piece of glass...and when I went to pick it up I was the stone to my engagement ring!!! We has just gotten this put back in only a few months ago so I was not thrilled in the slightest. So I looked at my ring and sure was not sparkly and was dull ring is white gold. So anyway...I was looking closer and come to find out it was not just the prongs being pulled apart or something so simple as that but that the top of one of the prongs is broken clean off. All that is left is a sharp piece of metal. So the ring came off and the ring and stone were put into a baggie to be brought to the jewelers. I called them and they said that the previous fix was covered for a year. Phew..thank goodness. But now I am afraid that I won't be wearing it again because after having it for almost 6 years it has been broken twice. I guess I am rather hard on my rings. Who knew?

Another event happened last night as well but it is very personal and I don't want to go into it but please pray for me that God will lead me in the right direction on how to handle this tough roadblock in life.