Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whoooo HOOOO!! ***UPDATE***

It is finally POTTY TIME! I have been working with Melody for what seems like forever trying to get her to use the potty and she had no interest until tonight. Before her bath I had her sit on the potty and guess what..she went pee!! Then she sat there and went again! She waited to get into the bathtub because she wanted to sit on the potty longer! This amazed me as she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the bathtub. She finally she finished and got into the tub and suddenly she said...I feel like I got to go pee..and jumped out and sat on the potty and went again!! She did this twice while in the tub and then again twice once she got out. I am so PROUD of my little girl. It took time and we are just starting out, finally but we are starting. She even picked out some Dora underwear to wear in the morning. It is going to snow here so we will be in the apartment all day doing Christmas Crafts and making COOKIES!!! Each time she goes potty she gets to put a sticker on a little chart we put on the inside of the front door and also gets to pick out a treat to eat. She picked out a lollipop..but that is fine with me. She has been dry since and it has been over an hour and she drank a whole cup of water/juice since. I am going to put her on the potty one more time before she brushes her teeth for bed. Lets hope we get to put another sticker on her chart! YAY! We even did a different potty dance for each time. :)

What is really funny about this happening today is that we went to the library for 2 1/2 hours today and I picked up the It's Potty Time video to bring home..hoping it would put the bug in her to say to start trying. Well she started before I even put the movie in! We watched it after she was dressed for bed and she loved it! Sorry to be going on and on about potty but I am just such a proud Mommy and so excited for my little girl. Thanks for sharing in my excitement.

***UPDATE*** We were just about to go upstairs to start getting ready for bed and Melody told me she felt the pee coming and needed help pulling down her pull up. So we pulled it down and she peed again!! YAY for Melody! I am again super excited here. I asked he at bed when we were cuddling if she was going to keep going pee in the potty tomorrow and she happily said YES!


Anonymous said...

HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!!
THIS IS GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYLIE WILL PROBABLY LEARN FROM MELODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TERRIFIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!