Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hail Storm, Nov. 6th, 2007

It was an on and off day with the clouds and sun throughout. I looked out the window at one point and it was super sunny and then moments later this is what I saw....

Can you see the hail falling? How fast it was going because I got streaks of the hail falling so fast in this photo?!

Notice all the hail in my herb plants? It just colleted there and stayed that way for a few hours after the event.

I had to get up from my seat to look at the "rain" closer when I realized the big chunks were not rain but hail. Rather big chunks of it and in a large amount in just minutes. This lasted only about 10 - 15 minutes! It looked like it had snowed by the time Peter got home from work because the ground was white ..full of the hail. But look at the beautiful sun and clouds shots I got once it was about over. There were still a few drops of hail falling but nothing like when it was full blown. I love the fact that we live at the top of a "mountain" because we get such great views up here.