Saturday, March 10, 2007


I have been trying to post for days! For some reason it wouldn't let me! Phew...I am so happy to be able to post all the things I was thinking about...but...what in the world was I thinking about? My short term memory isn't quite what it used to be.

Well I can tell you that Melody calls is funny to hear her say. Most people call them raspberries..but I call them zerberts. Melody was standing on her changing table and took off her shirt so I had my chance and went over and gave her a big zerbert on her belly. Which ensued in her laughing and Kylie laughing. This went on for a while until my lips were feeling funny.

Yesterday my friend came over with her two daughters who are the same age as Zachary and they had fun on the play date. Zachary played in the basement with his Robo Raptor and his Robo Pet Dog. They seemed to have fun together. The younger girls had a blast..tearing apart the apartment! There were toys and snacks everywhere..but that is all in the day of playing with little ones. I am just glad that they each had some fun. I also had fun talking with an adult! Conversations with a two year old only go so far.

I have been painting Melody fingernails lately..and she is so good about sitting still and letting them dry and even picks out her own color. I just redid them for match her dress. Red and sparkly. I am adding a few photos...I can't help kids are just too cute!
(Even if I do say so myself.)

Melody took this pic of her big brother. Pretty pink fingernails.
Showing off the fingernails. Smiling for a photo!!
Smirking for a photo. Just so cute in her nightgown.
Sisters...loving one another. Smiling while walking across the room!
One of my favorite photos.


Anonymous said...

GREAT photos and narrative!!!!! Thanks from the ladybug lady!!! :):):)

mo*reezy said...

sweet babies all! that handsome kid at the top is looking so grown. can't wait to see you in june!