Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Renting a House?

Well we went to look at a house on Sunday afternoon. Living here in this apartment is ok..but man..I would love some privacy and less noise to have to deal with...especially with two little ones that nap! My neighbors on one side don't seem to know how to shut the door or open the door without slamming the wall! My neighbors on the other side have extra people living there and they smoke to high heaven...STINKY! They then go and smoke in the basement and the smoke gets into my apartment! Having a child with asthma..this is not a good situation. The house we looked at is a little small but it is a HOUSE! We would have a yard and privacy and we even know the neighbors and they have a pool that they have already offered for us to be able to use! We would have to downsize on some stuff...the closets are TINY so I would really need to cut down on some clothing. But hey...I have stuff that doesn't fit so it should be that hard to do. Please pray that we end up being picked to get this house. It has a larger kitchen and three bedrooms and a separate dining it has plusses compared to where we are now. Yes the rooms a small..but really not that bad...pretty similar in size to what we have now...some bigger, some smaller. The bathroom is a bit smaller..but many times a day do we really go in there? That doesn't make any difference to me. It also has washer/dryer hook hopefully we can use our own washer and dryer! I can plant a garden with the kids and just have fun! We will hopefully know by next week. Prayers please!


amy liz said...

Best of luck Greta! That sounds great for you and Peter and the kids. I'll keep it in my prayers.