Friday, March 23, 2007


Over the past few weeks I have truly been thinking about homeschooling my children.

My reasons are:

  • Lack of information sent home from school
  • Too many fundraisers
  • Not enough information about what my kids are learning
  • Personal time with teacher if pretty much none
  • Expanding horizons would be so much easier at home
  • We can do more as a family this way and get so much closer to one another
  • I can teach about the Bible if I want to without being ridiculed
  • My kids can still play with friends outside of "school" and be social

Here is a place you can see 55 reasons why people homeschool. Check it out..then leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on the subject.

I have borrowed books from the library, I have spoken to mothers who homeschool and I am building a nice group of people I can turn to if I need the help.

Am I crazy for even thinking of doing this? Maybe...but I truly think my kids will be kinder, gentler, more respectful and just plain good kids this way. Those who know me and my family...I have noticed my son, who is 10, has changed his attitude a ton over the past few years and I really don't like where it is headed. I can take them on field trips whenever I feel like it and it relates to what we are studying. I can get Melody and Zachary involved with one another more on a learning level. Zachary can help teach Melody things and even Zachary can learn from his little sister.

Well I have tried to give my reasons why in this post..but what are your reasons why not? No matter what anyone says I truly think this might be the best thing for my kids and my family.


Nan said...

Go girl!! Many before you have done just what you are considering, pulling their kids out. Despite what some may think (and boldly and often times rudely) tell you, pulling them out will *not* ruin them! Sure it will upset the status quo for a while, until you build a new status quo that is.

There are so many resources for homeschoolers now days. It's not the backwards weird fringe sort of thing that it was once perceived as. Homeschooling is getting so much more popular and there are so many options out there to make the very best of it and for it to have a transformational affect on your childrens' love of learning.

I'm excited for you. It's a huge decision but I encourage you to jump in with both feet and use the many resources out there to help you through when you are second guessing yourself (because there will be plenty of those days!)


mo*reezy said...

Wow, Greta! I'm really impressed with all the work you've done to consider this as an option for Z,M,&K. I think Z is SO smart and could really take off without the distractions of public school. And you are already used to being home with the girls, so it wouldn't be that large an adjustment. I will be praying about the decision you and Pete have to make! What does Zachary think? I know that today there's homeschooling groups that get together for the arts and other special classes... are there any of those up there?