Monday, March 5, 2007

Lazy weekend

So this weekend we really didn't do much. Laundry, eating, sleeping..although not much..talking and playing with the kids. Nothing truly exciting but hey..if you can do it all as a family it is great!

Friday we had the in-laws over for dinner. I made pizza and they brought some salad. I like that kind of deal. :) They stayed for a bit and played with the kids. Watched Kylie walk across the room a few times with her walker. Looked at some of Zachary's school work. Listened to Melody chit chat a bit. We watched 1 vs. 100 and laughed at the people who play..just how stupid do they have to be on there?

On Saturday my sweet husband finally put the curtain rod up in the kids room...well Melody had to help. So she was having fun with Daddy and she would hand him the small screwdriver when he needed it. So he says to her, "I need Turner", which Melody responds back with, "No Daddy, it's not Turner, it's Phillipe!" It was hysterical! (For those of you who have no idea what I am talking is from the show Handy Manny.) Daddy had to apologize to Melody for correcting him and being right. It was just so cute. She has been doing tons of cute things lately..just being her normal 2 year old self.

Sunday I played catch-up on the dishes we used the two days prior. I usually do them the next morning because we have dinner so late..but I was being lazy.

This morning I was up at my normal time of 7am. Took my shower, made sure Zachary was all set to head back to school. Did more dishes from last night. Vacuumed the living room. Swept the kitchen floor. Got both girls ready for their day. Fed Melody and Kylie. Took some really cute photos of the girls playing and separate. (Melody actually smiled for me!) I will post those later. :)

It is bitter cold out there today so if you live in the NE..dress warm!


mo*reezy said...

sounds like a normal weekend to me! i bet that you had a blast watching kylie walking. I'm sure she'll be doing it all on her own - walker free - by the next time i see her in june.

Elena said...

It's nice that your family gets time to spend together. It sounds like all your children are growing faster than the speed of light! I'm enjoying reading about their cuteness.