Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whooo Hooo!! and Homeschooling

I just got a call back from a company that does diaper studies. They send out diapers or pull ups to people to use on their children to see what we think of them. Then I give them my opinions on them and fill out three surveys and at the end I will receive $10!! I will be getting Pull-Ups for Melody to use for three weeks...once a week I will receive a call to answer my survey and then at the end I will be mailed a check for the $10 for participating! How great is this? Hopefully over those three weeks I can get Melody potty trained and into underwear. Man, I LOVE FREE STUFF..but it is even better to get paid for it too!! WHOOOO HOOOOO! Can you hear me yelling for joy from there? They should be here on or around April 12th! I can't wait!

I also want to talk about a "Mom's Night Out" program I will be going to on April 2nd. The topic of discussion will be: "The Simplicity of Homeschooling". I can't wait for this either! It will be my first time really meeting up with many homeschooling moms and also getting to talk to other people who have been or are just starting with homeschooling like me. Also, on April 21st there will be a USED CURRICULUM hopefully I will be able to pick up everything I need rather cheap for the fall. Lets only hope!