Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well I have been working on trying to get our home organized. This is not an easy feat. So much STUFF and no where to put it all. We have cleaned out the basement a few times and gotten rid of sooo much STUFF..but it seems like it never ends. The living room is full of toys, the kitchen is full of things that need a new home or need to be worked on, the bedroom has extra stuff with no real home, the closets have clothing that need to be taken out because they don't fit these are just a few things I need to do. I also need to try to finish off the basement so that the girls can go and play downstairs with art supplies. Zachary can maybe play too if I get it set up right...he does crafts all the time and enjoys that...but right now there is no place to work on things. I am hoping to atleast be able to wash the kitchen floor washing..I mean take everything I can out of the kitchen and wash the WHOLE floor..not just where there isn't stuff. This turns into a whole big project every time. Lets hope I can get it done. Oh I also need to clean the bathroom..anyone interested in doing this for me? I hate to have to clean the bathroom..I truly don't know who likes it much.

Ok..well onto other things...I have been thinking more and more about scrapbooking and trying to find a time and place to do it. Well with three kids and no where to leave everything set up it is rather hard. I have a bin full of stuff and photos piled up and no idea when I will ever get around to working on it again. I have up to and through Melody's first two days of life that is it..she is 2 1/2!!! I was talking with a friend this morning about it and she said that she and a few other friends have been getting together every other week to work on their hopefully I will be able to join them and get some of mine done too. I only need a few hours myself!! The only time I am truly alone each day is in the shower! So, time to work on this would be fabulous. Lets all hope it actually happens though. That would be one less thing sitting in my